There’s just one hurdle you have to clear before you and your tween can enjoy the holiday of their dark little heart: what they’ll wear. halloween costume shops near me You may even get through the entire holiday with minimal eye-rolls cast in your direction. We may be biased since, you know, we put this list together. This way, you won’t have to worry about running into someone who may have exactly the same outfit on. B.B. — Before Bandit — I told myself I’d never be one of “those” dog owners: people who make their pets wear costumes and photograph the evidence. Just rock all pink and attach a flip flop to a headband (left over from the poor soul who stepped on you) — bam, you’re bubble gum! Definitely don’t do that if your tween claims it, though — if you show up on Halloween in the same costume, you won’t need a crystal ball to predict a meltdown in your tween’s near future.

It’ll be comfortable, so your tween is far less likely to burn out after 20 minutes of trick-or-treating. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time. You can buy plenty of variations online, costumes online but you can also easily DIY it. Whether a mama-to-be is in the market for cute, sexy, comfy, or homemade, there are plenty of options to accessorize that belly. Eastman’s Are You My Mother? The Mother Bird from P.D. It’s my go-to a lot of the time! And, bonus, a lot of them are easy-peasy DIY. If you are planning to purchase costumes plus from a nearby store then make sure that you give trial of the attire before purchasing it.

Want to earn cool mom points? If the answer to both is yes then why not help your tween pull together the easiest costume ever and go as TikTok influencer Halloween costume this year. So I guess that makes this the perfect Halloween costume right? Though many Halloween costumes and jump scares are meant to draw screams and shrieks, that increases the risk of spreading a respiratory virus. Didn’t you hear that all things old are new again? Not sure if you noticed the blatant ’90s fashion being rocked by influencers, celebs, and models these days, but everything old is new again.

Not sure where to start with this costume: Ask your 10 year old. Is your tween always showing off her latest TikTok dance and rattling off about some Charli D’Amelio or something? Her latest outing was no exception. No one rocked yellow plaid quite like Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone), halloween shop until your tween that is. You can order a Cher costume on Amazon or pick it up at Party City. If that’s not the easiest and cheapest costume we don’t know what is. But that’s precisely why you should be counting down the days until October 31 — tweens love Halloween!

On the other hand, bartender sets down a gin and tonic in front of you. Place the bandages around the front of your white turtleneck or long-sleeved shirt. So, basically, you don’t have to spend a million dollars to make their tween Halloween dreams come true. Tweens have discovered this late-’90s PBS series, and they’re fans. Older tweens might think this is too silly, but your Ramen-slurping 9-year-old will probably think it’s the coolest. The secret is to find a costume idea that is clever, smacking of pop-culture cred and, as the tweens say, snatched. This costume is inspired by the characters from Dr. Seuss’s book, The Cat in the Hat.

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