Men's Textures Collared Fashion 5. Get green or orange ones from the dollar store and put them in an ice cooler. Be it the different cultural understandings of the holiday, the ice cold wind that makes a Wonder Woman costume guarantee pneumonia, halloween costume stores or the ambiguity of just how fancy “fancy dress” is – problems crop up everywhere. Don’t go broke buying fancy Halloween decorations. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Americans like Halloween. And don’t worry: They say their bosses fully support their creativity. Decorate your door. “Living in a dorm has its challenges but decorating your door is one way to overcome the cramped space and have a bit of a festive feel,” said New York University freshman Benjamin Kaufman-Shalett. Even in a crunch, decorating cookies yourself makes for a perfect addition to your party. Those who want to go even cuter should take a look at the adorable Pumpkin Lady Costume.

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“I decorated my door with pumpkin garlands and spooky spiderwebs,” said University of South Carolina freshman Lucy Sensemen. “Cats are suddenly the only and most popular animal,” said Howard University freshman Coralie Jean-Mary. We’re going to wear all white with that and each hat is a different color,” said Pitzer College freshman Elena de Toledo. You can get cheap materials from a local CVS or Walgreens, like white streamers to create a “Mummy” or Halloween-themed jelly clings. 4. Use the frosting to attach the white chocolate chips to the part of the cookie with only the chocolate coating. You can even add pretzel sticks to Oreos—three on each side—to make “spiders.” Whether you use them as decorations or a quick snack, they’ll make for amusing and painless additions to your Halloween party.

It can be said that Celebrity baby style does not belong merely to the celebrity anymore! Usually you can find at least one or two thrift stores in your college town. We hope one of the announcements below leads you to your perfect pregnancy announcement! … Perfect number of people for a group costume. Posting photos of your group in their coordinated costumes will step up your Instagram feed too. Just think about how excited your children will be when you let them know what “new recipe” you need their help with. 2. Cover the cookie of choice in the melted chocolate and let harden. Cover lollipops with tissues and tie it with the ribbon, using a marker to draw eyes.

Draw faces on tangerines or oranges with Sharpies for some emergency Jack-O-Lanterns. By the end of the night, you might even root for the idiot to open the door. You’ll have a mini pumpkin-lookalike for less hassle, and a sweet treat at the end of the night. The leftover trash bags make for convenient clean-up at the end of the night— or morning. Get some black trash bags, fold them into a triangular shape, cut out pieces from each side and, voila: spider webs. Bring out the sweets. Lockdown means we’re either at home or out for our daily exercise so a wardrobe of athleisure is where it’s at right now!

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