Photo Credit (Writers Note: I picked this picture solely because cats and Halloween are two of my buy costumes favorite things. For even more Halloween costume inspiration check out these articles by my fellow CF writers! Round out the look with red or black heels and you’re all set! You can emulate Thing One and Thing Two’s vibrant blue hair with hair chalk (if you’re feeling fancy) or a blue headband. If you’re looking for a funny yet comfy costume, a Justin Bieber ensemble is the way to go! Depending on how much time you want to dedicate to your costume, this could be a great one to try out. Depending on how impressive your makeup skills are, you can attempt to be the joker for Halloween! Maybe that Halloween costume from last year needs a few changes to turn it into something new (and maybe a little less uncomfortable).

Dressing up little boys has become a popular thing. Channel your inner mischievous child by dressing up as Thing One or Thing Two for Halloween. Here are 12 creative last-minute Halloween costume ideas you can easily pull off and maybe even win a costume contest or two with. There are as many costumes as ideas you can think of, so hit up a thrift store or costume shop, or simply dig through your closet for something you can wear. Pair a green dress with a brown belt, patterned brown tights, halloween costume shop and riding boots from your closet. Girls often try to get away with drawing some whiskers on their cheeks, throwing on a pair of ears, and claiming that they’re a cat.

This mama is dressed as a mummy with an extra pair of eyes over the bump. For that extra shock factor, create a homemade zombie doll to burst out of your bump. Put on your favorite red dress and print out or draw a circular sign with either “Thing 1” or “Thing 2” on it. Parents love and enjoy seeing their children smile, laugh and look great on their favorite movie or cartoon character costumes. Mary Poppins is a total classic, and if you love the classics, this might be the perfect costume for you this year. Back on the adorable side, why not go as Mary Poppins this year?

So why not put a dark twist on a classic tale and scare all of your friends! Kaia and the 23-year-old Euphoria star were spotted out in West Hollywood in the afternoon as they picked up some refreshing juices at Earthbar, before visiting one of her friends in the city.girl clown costume For the finishing touch, check out this tutorial from Its A Lisa to DIY a simple Peter Pan hat. 53- Potato Sack by Costume Works: What an awesome DIY costume idea – guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face. A costume like this will require some effort to recreate but it is an awesome idea.

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