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If you want to wear statement earrings and fabulous bridal jewelry, some makeup and old ripped dress, get a cos it can convert you into a scary zombie bride. 3. Add fun makeup tip: a touch of red blush and freckles on the face to complete the disguise! Then I took sparkly red pom poms, […]

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Decorating the house, hosting a Halloween party, going trick or treating, and carving jack-o-lanterns are all proof of this. Find a DIY pregnancy Halloween costume that is sure to win a costume contest, get a chuckle, or just wow the neighborhood trick or treaters. Whether you are headed to a couples party or hitting the […]

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I wanted to do something, but wanted something original,’ Tiffany revealed in her post while sharing multiple images from the shoot, all of which showed her 11-month-old daughter Oakley looking like a zombie baby. When speaking to Bored Panda, Tiffany further detailed what it took to pull the photoshoot off with a young baby. Tiffany […]